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most of our experience is barbed wire cattle fence, but, as you can see in our slide show, we have produced a variety of quality fences at the request of clients

Building friendships over fences. 

Custom Fence Construction

Michael Stosich Started Stosich Inc. with his family 23 years ago. Stosich Inc. has been building fence in and around Lima, Montana and Idaho Falls ever since. Mike was an awesome entrepreneur and an even more amazing father and husband. His youngest son, Mark is the current owner of Stosich Inc. Everyone who knew Mike, knew he cared about people. We try to continue to follow in Mike's awesome footsteps. We love to serve our clients and bring you the best quality possible, and we love to know you. As I said, we learned from the best, and that love of people leads us. 

So, whether you need a brand new fence installed, or an old one repaired and maintained, we have got you covered, and we hope to build lasting friendships in the process!